Our Biggest Project

In early November I got a call from the Glenwood Hotsprings located in downtown Glenwood Springs. If you live here in the Roaring Fork Valley you know the place! It dominates the area right off of I-70 by site and smell. Yes, i say smell because it is a natural hotsprings that has a certain specific odor. Its not a bad smell just....pungent. Once you have accepted the olfactory experience it is just a great place to hang out and soak. The building and facility have a very cool history. The pool was built in the lat 1800s and holds all kinds of firsts and current records. It's famous and for good reason. They have added a large hotel behind the pool as well. It's a fairly large complex but all the people working there are very nice and even when it is crowded there is a mellow, serene vibe. People don't speak loudly. They just chill out. Highly recommended.

The hotsprings owner said I was recommended to him and he was interested in getting some lights. I was already very busy but I agreed to meet with him. After a quick walk through my head was spinning. This was a huge project. I had never done anything like this before. Thousands of feet of LED lights and two massive trees. I tried to act cool but inside my head I was thinking        "You are getting in way over your head, Dude." They also wanted it done quick. I spent a few hours measuring out everything and putting in a bid. They accepted it and we went to work. We worked our butts off and finished it not just on time but even before I said I would. Good rule of business: under promise and over deliver. It looked amazing. The LEDs really looked good especially from downtown and the highway. I worried the lights were so impressive that they would cause an accident. All the staff at the hotsprings loved how it turned out. I was very nervous but I'm glad I took the project on. They are already talking about expanding to next year! Below is a link to their website and a blog describing the project:

Thank you Glenwood Hotsprings!