A Vacation Before the Madness

I just got back from a very fun vacation to California and Utah. First I hooked up with some old friends in Salt lake City for some paragliding action. Paragliding is just about the funnest, most interesting, and least understood mountain sport. I could go on and on about it but basically it is what often motivates me on those hard days of Christmas Light slinging. After a few good days of flying I pointed my trusty '03 Toyota Tacoma and camper west to the Owens Valley in California. Utah has some great flying but the Owens is the creme de la creme of US distance flying. In Paragliding the scenery is everything and flying along the very spine of the Sierra Nevadas is well.....use your imagination. The second day of flying was the best and I managed to nail one of my best flights ever. In cross country flying we measure our flights in strait line distance between the take off and landing. So no matter how far you zig and zag you only measure that distance. The idea is to see how far you can go. On this day I flew 46 miles. Pretty good for me but when you consider the record in the US is 240 miles it's not that impressive. But I was stoked! Now I'm back home and very motivated for the busy season. My second day back I head a double header of hanging Christmas Lights in the morning and then a gutter cleaning job in the afternoon. Let it begin!!!!!