Shifting Seasons

Fall has come to the high country and everything is changing.  Days are shorter, nights are longer.  The first snow has happened on the high peaks and you don't leave your house without a jacket.  That perfect combination of cool nights and warm days have transformed all the trees into fireworks of yellow and red. This is nature's way of saying-"Hey look at me!"

This display doesn't last forever. Sooner or later these leaves will be falling off their tress. Some of these leaves will be falling on your house and clogging your gutters!

West Side Lighting is taking on new clients daily to take care of this problem. We are known for our Christmas Light set up but we also clean gutters.  Perhaps our slogan should be "West Side Lighting: Picking up after nature's party"

or "Those pretty leaves sure are gonna screw me over. Thank Gawd I have West Side Lighting to call!"

Or maybe we should forget about a slogan and do what we do best. Safely remove the autumn  debris from your gutters and downspouts for a reasonable price. 

Can that be a slogan?