My Vacation is Your Worst Nightmare

Even a hard working elf like myself needs to relax now and then and take a break from cleaning gutters and putting up christmas lights. This October my lovely lady and I spent a month in the wonderful country of Nepal. Nepal is a stunning place and may be inhabited by the nicest people on earth. For two and a half weeks we hiked through the Khumbu region which is where the famous Mt. Everest is. To be honest Everest really isn't that cool looking but the peaks surrounding it are unreal. Every few miles there is a small village or remote tea house. Although you are truly at "The roof of the world" it is hardly a wilderness experience. The tea houses offer pretty deluxe living considering where you are and there are plenty of tourists and locals on the trails. Porters make the place work. We saw porters carrying loads on their backs that must have been 200 lbs. Almost everything in the area is carried on someones back up steep trails. These guys are the real deal and really are super-human.

We had high hopes of climbing a Himalayan peak but a massive storm came in and dumped a bunch of snow-making it too dangerous to even try and climb. Tara got really sick and was later diagnosed with Typhoid Fever. We spent a few pretty miserable days at altitude being really ill and suffering headaches. At times we questioned why we didn't just go to the beach. But that's the way it goes. Part of visiting mountains is taking the risk and excepting what you are given.